How to Become a Lash Tech in 8 Easy Steps

How to Become a Lash Tech in 8 Easy Steps
By max September 25, 2023

Applying false lashes to your natural eyelashes requires expertise and skills. It’s certainly not as simple as gluing the lash extensions to your biological lashes.

Do you know beauticians working in salons and spa centers have probably completed their lash training course before starting work? Since eyelash extension application has become a common practice, especially for bridal makeup, beauticians are more concerned about expanding their skill sets and including eyelash applications in their portfolio.

Whether you are a certified beautician or a newbie in the field, starting your own business as a skilled lash technician sounds like a perfect way to showcase your skills while making a stable income. You can learn the art of extending and styling eyelashes without causing any damage to the client’s biological lashes. So, if you are also passionate about starting your lash business, you are in the right place. In this post, we’ll discuss the ways you can become a lash tech and how you can set up your own business. Keep reading.

Eyelash Certification: What Is It And Why Is It Necessary?

Before you start a salon, you learn the art of applying makeup flawlessly. Once you have completed the course, you get a certification that proves you are a skilled makeup artist or a hairstylist. In the same way, you can pursue an eyelash certification course. The certification means you are qualified and trained to apply extensions to people’s eyelashes or style their natural lashes in a salon or at home.

Eyelash Certification: What Is It And Why Is It Necessary?

Usually, people pursue eyelash extension courses after they have completed the cosmetology license. The course will teach you the safe ways to apply extensions, hygienic practices to follow when using extensions, how to remove them, and different application techniques. In addition, you will be taught the ways to style natural eyelashes, tint them, and use lash appliances safely.

Note that an eyelash certification is different from a lash license in that the latter shows that you are a licensed lash technician and have the right to practice lash application. Certification is proof that you have studied extension application and are qualified to work with eyelashes. In some states, it’s mandatory to obtain an eyelash technician license to start a salon.

Not every beautician is a certified lash technician. Sometimes, the beautician course covers eyelash extension application, thus helping you learn the basic techniques of working with eyelashes. However, it’s advisable to pursue a separate certification course for this area of cosmetology, as it enhances your skills and instills more confidence in you.

Why Should You Get a Lash Certification?

Achieving a lash tech certification comes with many benefits. Here’s how it can help.

Why Should You Get a Lash Certification?

Instill Confidence

The eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body. When a client books your services for bridal makeup or any kind of cosmetology treatment, they want to be sure you will take care of hygiene and safety when working with sensitive parts.

It’s obvious that you will look more professional and credible with a lash technician certification than someone who works as a beautician but has no proof of their lash extension application skills. Although it’s not mandatory to have a certificate, it boosts your confidence and makes you more likely to build trust in your customers.

Grow as a Lash Technician

A beautician is a broad term that covers most cosmetology treatments, including eyelash applications. However, many people refrain from working with a beautician who doesn’t specialize in lash extension applications. Those who have extremely sensitive eyes might want to rely on professional and certified lash experts who can carefully install any kind of extensions and style the lashes in different ways without harming their natural lashes. The chemicals used to secure extensions to your lashes must also be chosen carefully, as anything that’s unsafe for the eye must be avoided.

Boosts Income

Certified lash tech is a supplementary course that proves your skills as an esthetician and makes you appear more trustworthy to your clients and employers. There’s a chance an employer might pay you more if you hold this certificate. Some salons hire lash-certified beauticians only.

Likewise, certification and license in this field are compulsory in some states, especially if you plan on starting your own esthetician business. No matter your goals, having a lash tech certificate will help grow your income substantially. You can also consider starting an eyelash business once you finish the certification course. You can get eyelash supplies, different glues, eyelash styling tools, and extensions.

Extend Your Network

Enrolling in a lash tech certification course will give you a chance to build your network, as you get to meet many beauticians and professionals who have been in the cosmetology business for years. This gives you an opportunity to make new colleagues and meet people who can be your potential future clients. It also helps you learn the latest market trends in the beauty business.

How Much Do Lash Technicians Make?

Whether you choose to work for someone or open your own business, a lash technician certification can help ensure a decent salary. On average, a lash technician earns around $42,146 per year with an hourly wage of $20, although that’s just the average salary. Some lash experts earn a six-figure salary.

How Much Do Lash Technicians Make?

The best part is there’s no limit. Like any other business, starting a lash extension application and styling business comes with many possibilities. You can gradually build a salon where you cater to all cosmetology-related demands.

How to Achieve a Lash Tech Certificate

So, you have decided to become a lash technician. Now, where do you start? Knowing the steps to achieving the certification will save you time and cost. Here’s how you can apply for the certification program and become a certified lash technician.

Find a Proper Training Course

You will need theoretical and practical training for this program. So, it’s important to find a course that you can pursue in person. The right lash certification course will teach you different techniques to apply eyelash extensions and style the natural lashes without causing any harm to the natural eyelashes.

The right training center will also help you market yourself and build a strong network so that it’s easier to find work after you have completed training. Find a course that teaches you the basics and advanced eyelash application skills. It should cover pre-application preparation, extension application, custom eyelashes, eyelash styling, safe removal of fake lashes, and so on. Some eyelash extension programs are part of your esthetician course. You can also explore the individual eyelash certification courses, i.e. if you are interested in learning eyelash applications only.

Keep Practicing

Before you become a certified eyelash technician, you will be asked to practice your skills with models. As you continue the course, practice your eyelash application skills and learn new techniques to apply fake lashes to natural lashes. Learn about different types of eyelash glue and its correct application. Knowing which removal is the best and how to have those extensions removed safely are also crucial. Ask for feedback from your instructors. Always take pictures of every new technique you practice or a new styling method you’ve learned in the course. This will help you build a solid portfolio.

Take Your Exam and Get a Certification

Some courses require you to finish an exam, either a written test or a practical exam where you are supposed to practice your learning on different models. You may have to practice eyelash extension applications with different techniques and use custom eyelashes for styling to showcase your skills.

Some courses offer you a certification without an exam, i.e. based on the number of hours you have received training. If your state requires you to achieve a license for practicing cosmetology and lash extension application, consider applying for a certificate at your state’s Board of Cosmetology. Once you get a certification, you can start practicing lash extension applications.

Understand Your State’s Lash Tech Requirements

As mentioned previously, some states require a license from every eyelash technician. To set up your business, it’s important to obtain a license from your state authorities to set up your lash tech business or work as an eyelash expert at a salon. You can get your license and certification for practicing eyelash extension applications from the cosmetology board.

Cost of Setting Up an Eyelash Business

Like any business, there’s no fixed amount for starting an eyelash extension business. It depends on the supplies you keep, the types of services you offer, where you are based, and your experience level. Note that you don’t always have to set up your own eyelash extension business. There are alternatives. For instance, you can work as an eyelash expert at a popular salon in your city.

Cost of Setting Up an Eyelash Business

Or, you can provide freelancing services all across the state. You can also set up a small salon at home where you can give eyelash treatments to your customers. Options are countless. Eventually, you may want to set up your own store where you don’t only provide eyelash extension services but sell custom eyelash extensions and other eyelash protection products. Slowly, you can grow your business and get more supplies. The question is, how much will that cost? Although we can’t give you an accurate number, you will have to finance these:

  • Lash programs, certification, and license
  • Getting a physical space for starting your salon or a rental fee for borrowing a chair at a salon.
  • Getting tools for eyelash styling, like eyelash curlers, adhesives, gel removers, applicators, and so on.
  • Website development and marketing cost

These are a few things you need to finance for your lash tech business.

8 Steps to Starting Your Lash Tech Business

Once you have learned the steps to becoming a lash technician and have obtained a certificate for the course, the next step is to set up your business in this industry. Here’s a step-by-step guide for the same.

8 steps to start eyelash tech business

Understand Your Goals

Starting your cosmetology business requires a lot of planning. You need to establish clear goals, such as what kinds of services you’d like to offer, whether you will start alone or with a partner, how you will get the capital for setting up your business, and so on. You can choose from any of these:

  • Getting a Storefront: You can rent or buy a physical space where you can set up your salon and start your business. It’s perfect for those who want to cover a large audience and become a reputable brand in the market.
  • Renting a Chair: If a storefront seems too expensive, you can also rent a chair at a reputable salon on an hourly or weekly basis. You pay a small fee and get access to a salon.
  • Offer Home Visits: If you don’t want any physical setup, you can consider offering eyelash extension application services on a freelance basis. You can visit your clients at home or invite them to your place. It’s a cheap alternative, but won’t give you as much exposure as a salon.

You must consider your budget and choose one of these options based on what fits your requirements and works best for you.

Conduct Market Research

Before getting started with your business, conduct basic market research. Check if there’s any existing eyelash company operating in your area. Check their social presence, the average number of clients they serve daily, their primary mode of marketing, and which kind of events they cater to. If you are setting up your own eyelash business, consider choosing a location where there are not many established cosmetology businesses. This will give you better exposure.

Selecting a Structure

You can start as a sole proprietor initially. It’s the best way to start a cosmetology business with minimal paperwork. You can gradually choose a partner or hire employees, as you get more clients. That’s how salons become popular. The beauticians start alone and build a team of estheticians who specialize in different areas of cosmetology.

Set a Budget

We have mentioned the factors affecting cost related to setting up your lash business. Incorporate those into your budget to figure out the total you’d be paying for the business setup. Add website cost, physical space, lash course, accounting solution, rental cost, tools, and so on. Having a budget in place will give you peace of mind knowing where you will be spending and how much.

Have a Business Plan in Place

Starting your business is not a cakewalk. Once you have the budget in place, the next step is having a business plan. A well-crafted business plan consists of the estimated revenues, startup costs, and other crucial elements. Note that banks or any lender will not grant you the loan until you have a business plan in place.

So, take some time to create a business plan and consider all factors that will affect your budget, revenue, sales, etc. You can tweak it whenever you need. An important part of your business plan is deciding on a name. You can either choose a generic name for your business or name it based on your location. That’s a great idea if you want to rank your local business in the search engine. You can also hire a design agency to get the logo, business card, and name, but that would be very expensive.

Register Your Business

Once you have planned everything, the next step is to register your business. Understand the business registration and licensing requirements. Some states do not mandate lash technicians to have a license. If they do, you may have to visit the cosmetology license board to apply for the license.

Select Your Payment Processor

Once you are done getting a license and certification, the next step is choosing a payment processor. If you are running a website or will accept payments online, you are going to need a payment processor that can process your credit card and other online payments. You also need to set up a merchant account, which accepts in-person and online payments. These accounts are required when you sell your product and services online or in person.

Marketing Your Business

Starting your business seems challenging. You need to invest in marketing to ensure successful business operations. The best marketing channel for your eyelash startup would be social media. You can post pictures of your eyelashes, custom designs, new styling techniques, and so on. You can also post before and after photos of your clients to garner your audience’s attention. Besides, there are PPC advertising options, which can bring your clients directly to your DMs. Other than that, you can market your eyelash business in search engines.

Bottom Line

That was all about setting up and running a lash tech business. Becoming a lash technician is not tricky given that you have a passion for becoming a beautician. A lash business is also pretty great for those who want to specialize in a specific area of cosmetology. So, why wait? Choose a suitable lash technician course and you are all set to start a career in this industry.